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Bazaar Magazine March,2005

By: Emma staples

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I had spoken to Reza doust on the phone before I saw it was nice to finally meet him. He has a gallery in Al Fanar, a communal studio that he use to exhibit his friends works, as well himself and other artists. He also has his coffee there, with tulips, jazz playing in the background and a big mug of coffee – a wonderful way to start the morning. Reza, originally from Iran, has recently returned to Kuwait, having lived in Canada for many years, although he often flew back to Kuwait to complete various commissions. He feels at home here and likes painting here, and it is nice to be close to Iran. But he misses Canada where there is more appreciation of art and the inspiration that comes with that. Reza started working for a salary at the age of 9 where he worked in a handicraft shop. He continued this alongside his education until after he graduated, and this sense of discipline is know inherent. I don’t know how he fits everything into his day. Alongside his gallery, he is working on his next collection as well as doing commissions and commercially projects. Just for the record those are a massive scale. He was commissioned to do a massive mural for sheikh Al Sane in Qatar. The work took a solid month and measured 60 meters in length and 11metres in height. It is really working on his own collections and paintings that bring Reza the most personal satisfaction. He studied Persian art and fine art , and figures are his main interest. although a lot of work could be considered fairly abstract, you will always notice figurative representations worked into the fusions of form and colors. “I feel I have a special passion-kindness for all these humans, including their evilness and goodness. I even believe in a sort of wisdom existing in their insanity and their rushing moves which are parts of their true feelings –unedited reactions. The impact of the cultural and historical artifact on human beings engages me intensely ,”says Reza. Reza’s works are mainly mixed media and are decided according to mood and subject matter, and he often adds newspapers or pages of text from his collage details and instill historical and cultural references within the painting. He draws his inspiration from the news-he is interested in the world that surrounds him, as well as news from his country. People fascinate him too, he is a great fan of people watching. Reza’s latest collection which consists of over forty paintings, is one that started four years ago and exemplifies Persian figures – often in historical contexts. It is a subject that Reza continuously works on, and is still adding to the collection. One of the paintings that have sold is a life size self portrait which includes memorabilia – often imitations of Persian details as well as excerpts from news paper text that he finds interesting. Reza explains “my collage/painting collection is yet another work of glancing eye of my perpetual return to the past. Like all memories, some are mystically sweet and some are horribly nightmarish. They are localized gazes at the Persian-ness of time-space continuum in my memory. Cut pieces of news papers and old manuscripts, listing hope and fear. They are all my materials and words in creation, which get manifested in different forms and compositions.” Reza usually creates in his mind first which leads on to a small sketch; this inevitably leads to a larger painting, often turning out differently from his initial vision. He paints quickly, spontaneously- most of his work is completed in a couple of days although he might look at it six months later and decides to add another dab of paint or detail he never feels that his art is ‘finished’ often Reza will do a series of paintings that go straight on to canvas with no preliminary sketches-he finds this more honest more real; sometimes thinking can distort the outcome, he enjoys the sheer pleasure of panting “as an expressionist painter, my present show is an attempt to share the transcendental enthusiasm that I experience at the time of painting, with its entire possible dimensions . it is my passion to do this transference, as complete as I can or know, with loyalty to the ways of paint- making and modern grammar.”
Doust gallery is located on the first floor in Al Fanar mall