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Bazaar magazine Kuwait 2007

"Why not art and shopping"

‘Why not art and shopping’ is the question for Fanar Mall dwellers found on numerous and strategically placed posdters at different parts of the busy shopping mall. The purpose was to urge them to mix a bit of culture ith shopping and to usher them into the thought provoking world of modern art. If you have never ventured beyond the Mezzanine floor at the popular mall then you might want to look further up. On the first floor you will find a charming art gallery called Doust’s Little Gallery, which periodically displays exceptional modern, post modern and abstract expression works of art by artists from all parts of the world. The art gallery is owned and managed by an unassuming yet highly talented artist Reza Doust who hails form Isfahan, the historical Iranian city renowned for its traditional art and literature. Through the gallery, Doust endeavors to promote the art movement in Kuwait by organizing different art shows and allowing people here to sample fine works of art, as well as encouraging local budding artists to display their work for the world to see. Doust’s first brush with art began at the tender age of nine and he went on to hone his talent at the traditional Persian Fine Art School in Isfahan in 1974. At the age of 15 he studied with the great Persian miniaturist of his century, Rostan Shirazi. His paintings were selected as exemplary work and displayed at the American cultural Society in Isfahan. In 1993, Doust went to Holland to study for a year and traveled across Europe, mainly to Paris; haven for all artists. It was difficult for him to at first leave his hometown and invariably suffered from acute homesickness from leaving the familiar behind and venturing into the unknown. His paintings were expressed in an art collection aptly called ‘Nostalgia’ which was a visual record of his inner feelings of being away from home. However, living abroad had the most profound impact on him and instilled the conviction of the universal language of art. ‘I realized hat as people, race and language can set us apart but we are all united by a common delicate thread. During my travels, it was hard at times to express my thoughts and feelings with mere words. However, I found that when it came to my art the message I wanted to extend was understood and that art transcends any barriers. Other artists were able to understand the color intonations and brush strokes without me going through the trouble of explaining the different nuances.’ He marvels. Intriguingly, before traveling outside of Iran he used to paint on small canvases, but after living abroad his horizons expanded and being away from home endowed him with a new perspective on life which was mirrored in the impressive large canvases he is now famous for. Throughout his career, Reza has exhibited his incredible work in many countries, in the Persian Gulf Region, Europe and Canada. It was during an exhibition of his work in Kuwait at Busheri Gallery where he met the proprietor Mr. Jawad Busheri who encouraged him to settle in Kuwait. Convinced, Mr. Doust decided to stay and very soon created ripples with his larger than life murals that now adorn many of the private houses, offices, malls and palaces throughout the Persian Gulf. His true passion, he explains, is in modern art and his abstract works of art. He dislikes categorizing or ‘putting my art into a frame. I like to express myself freely and give people the freedom to interpret my work according to what they see and feel. I do not limit myself to the symbols but try surpassing them. Techniques are merely the means of recording our thoughts and expressing our vision.’ Art is a way of life and each one of us is an artist in his own right philosophizes Doust. ‘I believe that each person, regardless of his profession, is an artist. The only difference is the medium and mode of expressing that intrinsic artist talent. While I may use the brush as a modem, other people use different ways to express their art’ he argues.
Reza Doust is a true universal artist who regards the world as his home and by visiting his art gallery you will be given a window to the world.