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Get tested mixed media painting (selected work from 2008-2011)
For many years I have been taking my bits and pieces of photos, sketches and sugar cubes with me to where ever I travel. These pictures have been the basis and space for my works. Sipping my bitter tea with sugar cube, I look at these bits and pieces for a long time, I gathered them from the works of Old Persian masters, curios in their record of life events in different time space, is it the same? I feel they call me ,to get tested, I do my version ,in present time space ,I compare , and it relieve me.
In my recent works, daily people in their dailyness of life are the subject, and sometimes the subject is me.
To express my spontaneous feelings in a simple way without "HJAB" of colorful layers, I start rapidly, in a sketching Ballet. I think about thoughts of those in their daily life... I then think about myself... searching ...seeking a transmutation to guide my brush. explication of what is implicit in past or now , a expression ,a language that can tell and tell the immense weight and burden of bearing daily occurrence of dayleness in life of those whom are prisoned in it for daily bread. For a realistic voice on the surface of canvas. It is very loud I have to make even larger canvas.
I think about routine life, tradition and modernity, being alive, loving, justice. And again force my self to live simply that others can simply live.